Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Did I ever tell you...

I've been thinking alot lately about my husband; how long we've been together, all that's happened, all that we've been through, how much we've both grown up... that sort of stuff.

I was thinking about how we first met. Two strangers staring at each other from across the room- instant attraction, sparks fly, nothing else seems to matter as we are drawn to each other. We meet. We kiss. We live happily ever after.

Sort of.

Here's how it went down.

My mom raised me and my two brothers as a single mom. When we got to be teenagers- she had her hands full! Especially with my brothers. Well, one Sunday my older brother did something or other to get in trouble...big trouble. Big enough trouble that my mom had to call in some men from church to give him a good setting down! I, of course grabbed a front row seat on the couch to watch the show...when all of sudden there was a knocking at the door. My mom shot me an annoyed look and seeing that everyone else was occupied- I went to the door. I was eager to get back- not wanting to miss the action! Noticing it was a boy, presumably for Jared (my older brother) I let him in without saying anything or even really paying him much attention. I quickly ran back to the couch.

A few minutes later, I notice this boy slowly come into the room...not sure if he should stay and wait for Jared or go. He had on a green and yellow A's cap and he was looking down. I started to feel sorry for him- I could tell he was uneasy, when all of sudden he looked up and our eyes met. The world seem to stop, the yelling faded away and the only thing I heard was my heart beating. Sappy and silly - I know, but its true! Seconds felt like minutes. During our magic moment- some truce must have been made, because the next thing I know Jared and this boy are leaving.

Now the problem/beauty to having an older brother so close in age are his friends! Cute older boys around all the time...but me being the little sis...I was always off limits.

Not this time! Later that day when Jared returned home, I asked him what that boy's name was and then professed my undying infatuation with him. Jared just rolled his eyes, then told me he was dating someone and that he was too old for me. Whatever- I thought!

I didn't see him much- but thought about him all the time. I would always peer out the window to see if he was with Jared (picking him up or dropping him off). I had gym with the girl he was dating...awkward considering my brother took it upon himself to tell her I was in love with her man. I was seeing an lds boy from the stake- basically only getting together at stake dances and such...he lived 150 miles away. During the next 5 months all I could think about was that boy in the A's cap. I would bombard my brother with questions about him and tell him how dreamy his friend was.

One day I was in my bedroom and Jared and his friends (including my hunky man in the A's cap) were in the basement hanging out. The one great thing about my bedroom is that the vent from basement hang out room went to my room- so I could hear everything they were saying, I about died when I heard someone say "Hey Jared- would you mind if I dated your sister?" Holy crap! Who said that - I wondered! There were like 5 guys down there...then I heard Jared say "As long as you treat her good and don't hurt her, Kelly" I about fell down dead!

We started dating right before my 16th birthday...and we're still together!


wendysue said...

That picture is so adorable. (just like you two Still are!!) I loved reading this!! Ahhh, teenage love.

The Brink Blog said...

Loved reading this!! You two are just as happy as you were that first day your eyes met!!

Can I Have This Dance.... said...

That is a fun story! That is a cute picture of both of you.

Audra said...

hey jess- you knew his girlfriend, Kate Z...crazy small world, huh!?

The Brink Blog said...

Kate Z...the tennis player...too funnY!!! She actually just moved back from Washington and has her own chiropractic place in Fremont...how crazy!!!