Monday, June 01, 2009

sleepy head!

This is what I wish I was doing today...all day long!

This weekend was crammed pack nonstop work around the house chaos.

It all started Saturday at 6:45am. I got up, showered, took Ems to the Kennel to get prettied up...she looks so stinkin great and smells pretty good too!

Then I went grocery shopping and was back home before 9am. I then mowed the yard...and learned an incredibly fascinating lesson. The mower doesn't like to mow if it doesn't have gas! Thanks, honey for passing along that valuable bit of information! :)

Then I dug out a bunch of dirt in our front plants along the porch...we had this really pretty almost a blue-ish colored grass in there, but it was too aggressive and wouldn't stay put in the planters. It also looked really bad this year, thin and sparse- so the impatient wench that I am- ripped it all out, dug up all the roots and sprayed weed killer just to be sure. Then I had these empty planters just screaming for something to fill them.

Talked John into going to Lowe's with me and we picked out a some pretty yellow green arboretae bushes and a another trellace for the raspberries. Those things are going crazy! And the June crop is already coming in and looking great! SOOOOOO EXCITING!

While we were there John bought a pole saw...Came home- planted bushes, trimmed trees, filled in patches in the lawn with the blue-green patch filler stuff. Somehow managed to get three loads of laundry and a load of dishes done too!

pfhewwwww- what a day! Makes me even more tired just thinking about it!

Yesterday- Made copies for sunday school lesson, bought new towels for our bathroom (long story), went to church, cleaned out downstairs pantry room, went through all the end of the year papers that come home with kids- sorted and let the kids pick out what would go in their keepsake boxes, softball practice, cleaned bathrooms and dang near passed out at 10pm.

I cannot wait for 9:30...where you will find me curled up sound asleep in my comfy cozy bed dreaming of how fast I want the next three days to fly by!!!

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