Sunday, June 14, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame

For John's dad's bday...we took him and his lovely wife to a Saltdogs Game. I wasn't really sure about it- but we knew Jeff liked baseball and that's all that mattered.

Much to my surprise... it was alot of fun! The ball park is really nice and they have grass berms for optional seating at a discounted rate. How fun would it be to take the family out there on a Friday evening, spread a blanket and watch some ball! If the kids gets bored- there's a play gym and various grassy areas for them to run! Throw in some peanuts and cracker jacks and you have one heavenly evening!

We went on Friday evening- it was a darn near perfect evening...a little on the cool side, but I'd so rather have coolness than our humid Nebraska heat!

Here are some highlights from our first Baseball experience:

Here's the gang

Pucca got a little I let her take my camera and snap away. By the end of the game I had over 100 shots like these...

Funny story about the Mascot, Homer! Pucca really wanted him to come over to our finally during the 9th inning- the twins decided to track him down and in an effort to drag him back to our section. We watched them walk all way across the stadium to where he was...and then they hashed out who was going to confront the furry one. Kwynn finally took a deep breath and walked right up to him telling him to come over to section 107. It was a 5 minute conversation of her pointing and directing and him just shaking his head. Really funny to watch! He didn't immediately come over so the girls kept going back to him- pointing to where he ought to be going. Not sure what she said...but it paid off!

JUMBO-TRON...Towards the end of the game the camera man was over in our section...We told Kynna to wave her arms so that she could be on tv. She happily agreed and started jumping and waving like crazy. Then she saw herself on the big screen- her eyes got huge, her hands immediately came down and she hid behind the people sitting in front of her. Seriously funny!

Another perk...after every summer Friday night game- they have a fireworks show! And a pretty decent one at that!

It was a fun evening...and the girls can't wait to go back! Who says you need boys to enjoy sports!?

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