Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My smelly cow

I call Ems- cow. For alot of reasons but mainly because when she groans...she sounds like a cow mooing. Silly dog!

The girls (Ems included) and I are in GI town this week- the twins have a class at Stuhr Museum. We are staying with my mom. Last night, as Pucca and I were laying in bed- with Ms. Ems at our feet...I heard Pucca start coughing and gagging. I roll over to make sure she wasn't puking in the bed...and I see her plugging her nose pointing to Emma. "She STINKS!" Pucca declares trying not to gulp in the toxic air.

At this point I too am on the verge of regurgitating my lovely dinner. Our family has a standing joke about our farting dog...its really a very common occurrence around our house. But last night I just wasn't in the mood! I immediately started shooing her off the bed and reprimanding her for being a bad stinky dog! She sulked onto the floor and looked at me with her big sad eyes. I didn't care!

As I tried to ignore her, my thoughts were turned to Nie. She recently posted about a similar experience with her dog. But she found the whole situation a little more humorous than I. And that got to me. If a woman who has survived a plane crash that killed her friend, recovers daily from severe burns sustained during the crash, has endured countless surgeries and will have to endure many more, had her life and family transplanted to a new state, and will in her sweet way find a way to live through this and so much more,,,if this sweet beautiful woman can find HUMOR in her farting dog- then so can I gosh dang it!!!

I rolled over on my side to face Emma, who was now laying at the side of the bed on the floor. Her back was against the bed frame. As I reached down to give her loving pat- she sweetly turned her up towards me and proceeded to fart! I quickly drew my hand back, groaned "EMMMMMAAAAA!" and flopped over on my back.

Staring at the ceiling, I decided I'm not as good a person. Finding the humor was the last thing I wanted to do. I was passed that. I was now trying to think of a way to bottle that horrible stench and send it to the executives at the Purina Dog chow Extra Lean department. And just so I cover all the bases- I would send a bottle or two to the execs at the Bountiful Organic Doggie biscuits department. Either way= I hold them responsible for my dog's gassy imposition. And some day they may get a surprise in the mail...a jar filled with some toxic green hazy gas with a label that says 'Courtesy of Ms. Ems!' My hats off to you NIE...touche!

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