Monday, June 15, 2009

A friendly game with the family

John & our family, his brother & his family met J and N out at our little piece of heaven on Saturday for J's birthday dinner. Dinner was courtesy of John's brother and wife- super good! Grilled hamburgers, baked homemade onion rings and DQ icecream cake! Perfection- I kid you not!

It was a lovely afternoon- the cousins played together as the adults conversed. After a superb dinner a friendly game of baseball was started...

The girls showed off their super awesome batting skills as grandpa watched proudly! I think he was quite impressed!
They kept hitting them so far and we were on a slope so they would roll forever...that we let Max retrieve a few! She's my in-law's dog- and she loves to fetch it was perfect! Well- sort of...they were pretty gooey when she brought them back! And I was pitching...uh- yuck! But it was really funny to watch and she did good!

The littlest cousin wanted to play too...

I can definitely see more Kelly family games in the future!

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