Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stranger than fiction

The girls and I are in GI town, while Pucca attends day camp at Stuhr. GI town is hard to really have to have grown up here to understand...the, uh, culture!

My mom lives in a fairly old home-in what once was a nice family oriented neighborhood. Not so much now...which is really too bad! The neighborhood is quite 'entertaining' to say the least. Since I've been here I've see two children (under the age of 5) running through their sprinklers naked- butt naked. I've seen a man spray painting his grass...not really sure-but that's what it looked like. And a nice old man taking a walk..talking to himself...loudly!

I've also noticed a street know one of those machines with the big round rollers that sweeps the streets.YA! I didn't even know those things were still used! I haven't seen one in my neighborhood- EVER! It was such a strange scene that Pucca was like "What the heck kind of car is that?"

And that's not where the strangeness ends...I've seen that street cleaner three more times in the last 48 hours. Which has me thinking...either this neighborhood has REALLY dirty streets or there's some hot chick mowing the lawn in a bikini. OR- maybe it was me in my tank top and shorts pulling weeds that lured that little street cleaning peeper new hair color is quite alluring! ;)

Aside from the 'hardworking' street sweeper, naked sun-kissed children, strangers arguing with themselves and shamrock green grass...this trip was a nice escape.


The Brink Blog said...

spray painting. grass. grand island. oh boy! what are people thinking??!!

Audra said...

I don't know for sure if that's what he was doing. He was hunched over wandering around his yard with a spray can and a green lid in his hand. And he had conspicuous bright green patches too...first thing i thought when i saw it. Sad thing is- it didn't really surprise me all that much. :)