Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random conversation with Pucca

The other night John and I were 'nerding out' on the couch...him with his computer and me with a magazine. Pucca comes into the family room all serious with her hands on hips and asks "Mom, did you take Paxil when you were pregnant with me?"
"What!?" I uttered with a scrunched confused face.

"Paxil! Did you take it when you were pregnant?"

"No." I answered still not sure where this was going.

"Good- because its really bad and your supposed to call this number if you did" she says as hands me a little pink fairy notebook page with a bunch of numbers on it.

Then she promptly turns and leaves back to her room.

I started laughing and John looks at me and asks "What did she just ask you?" I relayed the whole bizarre conversation back to him. We both agreed - we have one crazy kid! all be it a sweet and concerned crazy kid!

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