Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday

Mr. Jeff aka grandpa aka papa Kelly aka dad aka studmuffin is having a birthday today! I won't give you his age or year of birth...but I will tell you he' do I put it? Mature?!

Earlier this week he called me out on something and he told me I couldn't hide things from him...he's a silver wolf. I laughed and corrected him- "You mean a silver fox!" to which he just laughed. After we hung up I started to wonder- maybe he is a silver wolf... The Silver a super hero! He did after all recently retire- and I have been wondering what he's been doing with all his time! Maybe he stalks the night (no later than 9pm) helping innocents (squirrels, ducks etc cross the street), keeping the crime rate low (he's pretty strict when playing bridge and pitch).

He has been hanging around with a group of other 'retired' men...other superheroes? Maybe!

Either way- Happy Birthday Silver Wolf!

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