Friday, January 18, 2013

a great gift

I had a wonderful birthday (the whole week actually!) Sweet thoughtful phone calls, gifts and cards. My children made me a birthday banner. I received flowers, 2 yummy cakes, balloons - it was all super fun! Getting old isn't so bad.

But one of the best birthday gifts ever is the three day weekend we are getting! No school on Monday- YAY! For some reason this morning was hard to get up. I laid there knowing I should get up. Then I laid there knowing I have to get up. My eyelids were heavy, almost unable to stay open. And then the bed developed this gravitational force field that kept me smooshed down in my warm cozy bed- unable to physically roll out of bed. I just laid there telling myself "4 more minutes and then I'll get up" which in reality was more like 20. Brutal I tell ya...brutal!

Thank goodness its Friday! This weekend will be a great conclusion to my celebratory birthday week!

Another birthday tidbit...when I turned 10 my mom let me have a sleepover birthday party. I invited 16 girls and all of them came! As a mother of 4 girls, with countless sleepovers under my belt...I can only imagine! What was my mother thinking!? 

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