Monday, January 14, 2013

Birthday week!

This week is the week of my birth! YAY! I feel that when you are older you should get to celebrate the whole week rather than just the actual day! Don't you agree!?

So in honor of my turning 33- I'll be posting about me, birthdays, memories etc all week long! Lucky you!

Today I'll share a funny little conversation we had the other night at dinner.

Kwynn mentioned how since Evie was a virgo - that she would be a super genius. Not more than two seconds later Evie rubbed pizza in her hair and spit green beans across the table. Needless to say we all looked at Kwynn with a critical "what was that you were saying" look. To prove she knew what she was talking about she described a capricorn...

A capricorn is someone who yells at you to do something, then yells at you for doing it wrong. Then tells you to just stop what you doing and then gets mad at you because you aren't helping.

Everyone looked at me and busted out laughing. That pretty much describes me. I couldn't help but laugh. Dang capricorns anyway!

I just want to add we have more lovable traits too! We are practical, prudent, ambitious and disciplined, humorous and careful.

I don't know how much I believe in the Zodiac, but if you google zodiac and your birthday (example: zodiac january 16) it will bring up a more specific reading for your exact birthdate. Its interesting! Mine was pretty accurate! The twins...not so much! :)

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