Tuesday, January 08, 2013

gun learning

John and I share a hobby of shooting guns- one we want to share with the girls. And they are super excited to learn. Each of the girls will be enrolled in a gun safety class for beginners. Which we feel is super important. Its one thing to take a few shots with a .22 under mom and dad's supervision, but if they are seriously wanting to take up this hobby as well, own a gun in the future or use ours- classes and education ARE a MUST in this family!

We have been talking about it for awhile and the girls seemed ok with it. But now that they are getting a little bit older and expanding their interests- they have developed more excitement. If only you could have seen John's pride when his three girlies were choosing which rifle or shotgun they wanted. Its little moments like those that I love!

Plus, I can't wait to best John at the shooting range! Who knows...maybe one of the girls will be a crack shot and best us both! :)

(These are family guns we are getting cleaned and restored.)

P.S.   I know that gun control is a hot topic right now. And I don't wish to offend anyone with this post. We just feel that as being the parents of girls- they should know how to protect themselves. Not to mention we live in a world of uncertainty. I hate imagining a time or place that my children would one day have to use a gun for anything other than at the shooting range, but I know its a very real possibility.  

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