Monday, January 28, 2013


We went to an antique/flea market yesterday! I could literally spend hours in these places! Soooo much to see and dig through.

I especially love finding flea markets in towns we visit or pass through on our travels. We found this super gritty dusty one in South Dakota. The kind where you have to squeeze down aisles...or at least you think they are aisles, the floors creek, its dusty and musty. True treasure hunting!

I can't wait for our trip...we are driving down south! I might just be in heaven...southern antique stores! Pinch me!

Some of my staple items...ones I always keep an eye out for are:

  • pewter cups (something new I've started collecting to use as vases)
  • milk glass or hobbnail
  • McCoys (yellow, green or white)
  • interesting storage containers (i.e. milk crates, baskets, wooden boxes)
  • globes (on the look out for a smaller sized one to add to our collection)

My biggest regret: John and I were looking for a china cabinet and we found an antique store we hadn't visited before here in town. As we were walking through- I found a wooden airplane proprellor. And it was only $110! Which is about the price of a replica. I desperately wanted it- but we were on a mission for a china cabinet. Almost a year later and still no china cabinet. Wished I would have grabbed that prop. It was very cool! 

My best suggestion: Have a list or at least an idea of what you are looking for when you in! Otherwise you could come out with a whole lot of 'likes'! This is something I've learned from experience! :)

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