Tuesday, January 15, 2013

birthday memory

When I was in grade school, your birthday was a big deal! You would bring homemade treats, be the teacher's helper, first in line etc. IT WAS A HUGE DEAL! Especially for me, because we didn't always have school on my birthday. Weekends, snow days and MLK holiday (no school) seemed to always interfere. 

On Friday January 16th 1987, I woke up sick. Pukey-here's-a-bucket-if-you-can't-make-it-to-the-bathroom sick. And you can't go to school puking...even if it is your birthday. 

I was heartbroken! How could this be!? This is supposed to be MY day...it was so unfair! I'm sure I sulked and whined all morning. Until we heard the doorbell ring. Nobody of importance would go to the front door...everyone who knew our family would use the side door. I was uninterested. Then my mom told me there was someone here see to me. I remember walking into the room and instantly my spirits were raised. A clown came to my house and brought me balloons. Not only did she come to my house on my birthday with balloons, but she sang to me and told some funny jokes. Kind of a big deal for a newly turned 7 year old! 

So even though I couldn't go to school and feel important for the day...I felt important in that moment. It was a very cool thing my mom did and I will always remember it!

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Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

Love you, sweeties. Funny, I was thinking of that same visit earlier this week contemplating your birthday. Happy happy day!