Wednesday, January 09, 2013

'someday' dreaming

'Someday' dreaming is basically the adult version of 'when I grow up'. For example, "Someday...I'll go to the enchanted coral blue oceans of Bora Bora." or "Someday...I'll have this house paid for." or "Someday... we'll buy the kids quads for our acreage."

Well, my biggest "someday" dream is to have a country house in Ireland. I place to just relax, raise some sheep and chickens, have a little garden and just be removed from it all...all the chaos of the world. I know its crazy impossible, but there is no harm in dreaming.

When I say a little country home in the Irish countryside...I'm not talking about a house like this

Can you even imagine!? Its crazy to think that in homes like these- there are more staff than the actual family living there. But it is beautiful! I love gardens and the land. The opulance is amazing- the 20 foot ceilings and ornate moldings. Here's the link if your in the market to buy it!

No- my dream home is more like this quaint little cottage. Isn't it beautiful! I can just imagine strolling the countryside, no internet or tv to distract from enjoying the moment. Reading, painting, thinking, imagining and being content with your little piece of heaven. Pure bliss.

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