Tuesday, January 29, 2013

cupcake bouquet

The twins and I made this last night for one of their friends who is having a birthday today! I always get a bit leery when they come to me saying "Hey- we found this on Pinterest, we should try it!" Those pinterest projects don't always work out. We have had plenty of pinterest fails around here!

You can find instructions on how to build/construct this all over the internet by just google searching it. So I'm not going to go into a step by step description. But I will give some suggestions:

  • Each cupcake is held in by 2 toothpicks. We found it easier to take a sharp serrated knife and make two tiny slits on the bottom of the cupcakes so you don't have to fight pushing it through the cupcake wrapper. 
  • Put your toothpicks in at a 45 degree angle around the edge- it will secure those cupcakes better. 
  • Make large and small cupcakes. I will do this next time. That way you can fill in the voids. IF your not going to make two sizes then make sure you place the cupcakes as close together as you can. Large voids are time consuming to fill. 
  • Place tooth picks in the ball with unfrosted cupcakes until you have it laid out how you want. Then remove the cupcakes to frost. Let them set up on the counter before putting them back on the ball. Buttercream will harden just a bit and be a little more forgiving when you start poking the tissue paper in. 

Overall- it wasn't bad and I can see making another one someday! 

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