Friday, January 11, 2013


The last two days have been kind of crappy. I hate when my time is wasted. I know I'm a stay at home mom and people assume I have nothing to do during the day...but that just isn't so! BUT instead of an entire post filled my self pity rantings- I've decided to show you some of my favorite clocks!

 I love clocks! Although I feel they've become a bit antiquated in this electronic age. Every tv, cable box, computer, ipod, ipad, phone etc has a clock on it. So actual wall clocks and desk clocks aren't as popular.

Here's one of my favorites- called the melting clock:

And this one is beautiful...I've always loved grandfather clocks and I really like the dimensions of this one:

I think one like this would nice outside or even in a craftsman style home:

My great grandparents always had a cuckoo clock...we'd take turns helping grandpa pull the cords to wind in before bed. Even in my earliest memories I remember that clock.

This retro one is fun for a desk top (with more sleek modern ones found here):

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