Thursday, September 05, 2013

15 years of working together

The hubs and I are celebrating 15 years of marriage today! Woohoo! And HA! to anyone who thought we wouldn't make it! Granted the odds weren't good. We were super young and had baby twinners, college and work. BUT against all we are! We are happy and loving this adventure! Love you, babe!

One of our greatest achievements are the kids we have raised together. Some days you feel like all you are doing is yelling, griping and expecting too much. But the other day my kids showed me and a random stranger that John and I are doing a pretty great job.

We (all the girls and I)  pull up to the chiropractor's office and there is a bakery outlet next door in the strip mall. A woman has a rolling stack of shelves full of bread. There is probably about 100 loaves of bread in this rack. A woman from the bakery was helping her through the door. As we went into the office for our appointments, one of the girls mentioned how much bread that was and how it was a good thing she had someone helping her.

About 15 minutes later, as we are leaving our appointment- that poor lady was still loading up her car. And the worker was no where to be seen. When Kwynn saw this she immediately went over and offered help. McKynna and Corynn were right there with her. I didn't say anything. I was putting Evie in the car and looked up to see my children helping her load up her car. The lady was sweet and a little surprised. She said "You just don't see kids offering to help these days." She offered the girls money, but the girls said "No- we just wanted to help. You looked like you could use some!"

Once that car was loaded up and we started to head back to our car, the lady pulled me aside and told me whatever I was doing- keep it up and that I have wonderful kids. I do think we have wonderful kids, but I wish we (as in everyone) helped each other more. This was a no big deal kind of help, and by doing so the girls brightened her day. What a place this world could be if we all helped a little more! So proud of our 'little helpers' and what John and I have done together!

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