Wednesday, September 25, 2013

so fast

I can't believe how fast the kids are growing! McKynna and Kwynn are excited about homecoming this weekend, which is all kinds of girly fun! Hair, makeup, pretty dresses and sparkles. All the perks of being a girl! 

Corynn is physically growing up fast! Wowzers! We were looking at Evie's growth chart after I marked all her milestone heights, and Corynn wanted to see how tall she was. 5 foot 2 inches, folks! Can you believe it!? She will be passing her 5'4"older sisters in no time! And I think she's darned near passed up Gma Kelly! :) She is tall, thin and has the most beautiful eyes!  Not to mention she is kind, thoughtful and a wee bit sassy! She will be a heartbreaker!

Evie is changing everyday! She just started talking- which is late I know! But hey, Einstein didn't talk until he was 3... just saying! She is daring, dramatic and a little stinker at times. But then in a blink of an eye, she will snuggle, put her hands on your face, lean in real close and smile, kiss you or say 'hi'. She is a doll! There are days I want a dozen more and days I would hate a dozen more. I think she is a good bookend to the family! She will definitely be keeping us busy! 

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