Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nebraska Sunsets

One night last week we were running errands and I noticed one of the most beautiful skies I've seen in a long time. I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture. We were making copies at the copy store for a school project and I just left Kynna inside so I could admire the evening sky. John was in the car, probably thinking I had lost my mind. It was spitting rain from a sunny sky...love that!

We had one more errand to run before heading home. Lucky for me there was a huge empty field nearby. So while John was inside the store, I ran across to the field so I could snap some pix.

Pretty amazing! Wish I would have had my real camera instead of just the iphone...but at least I captured it! On a positive note...I've found my new 'go to' place to snap sunset shots! Completely unobstructed and only a few blocks from my house! Sweet!!!!

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