Monday, September 02, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words

This photo of the girls was taken summer of 2012. I am really quite partial to it. It makes me smile and captures a genuine moment. But also because it speaks volumes about each girl.

Kwynn: Smiling posed and ready to go.

Kynna: Smiling and doing what I asked. No more. No less.

Evie: Causing trouble and chaos, but entirely oblivious to that fact.

Corynn: Reacting with all the drama in the world.

I love candid photography. Photos that capture a moment, a look or a feel rather than a posed portrait of perfectly coiffed smiling children. Although those are nice- they are entirely unrealilistic.At least in my house. My children are never all perfectly dressed in coordinating clothes with done up hair, bright white smiles and all getting along. So why pretend!? We only have these sweet spirits for a short time. 18 years is such a short time when reflecting on the entirety of life's journey. I am thrilled to have these candid photographs to look back on and get me through my older years. So I can remember 'way back when' and smile!

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