Monday, September 09, 2013

Husker Game walk through

I took the girls to the Husker game this weekend! John stayed home with Evie. On the way to the game I was thinking how awesome it is to go to a Husker game. Every Nebraskan, college football fan or sports fan in general should really least once! The tradition, the energy, the masses- it's all so...well it's hard to explain because it's so magical. My girls aren't all that into football, but they still like going to a game or two every season just for the experience. And once they are there, in the middle of it all...they get into it. Cheering, yelling, doing the wave and giving touchdown high fives to those sitting around us. It is pretty sweet to watch. We take our college football pretty serious 'round these parts.

To give you a little taste of the Husker magic...I'm going to give you a little walk through.

First off, you navigate the masses...100,000 fans all congregating to cheer on the Huskers. Our stadium now holds 92,000, but tailgating has a crowd all its own. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of people just come down near the stadium to tailgate and soak it all in. They bring their tvs, radios, satellites and party/watch in the parking lots. And our new arena (which is 2 blocks from the stadium) has been showing the hundreds of people gather there as well.  LOTS of people...these photos were taken just outside the stadium 90 minutes prior to kickoff.

Next, is entering the stadium.

I'm not an expert of stadiums, but I think ours is pretty darn cool. Why? Because they built the new facade on the outside of the old stadium walls. So when you walk in, you can still see the old stadium, its architecture, windows and moldings. Our Huskers have been around well over 100 years, giving it a rich history!

Once inside the stadium, walk up the tunnel to your ticket section...

The light at the end of the tunnel is pure Husker energy!!!

First off, you have to admire our new East stadium. They added the top few tiers this past spring...and its pretty amazing! Can't imagine the views from way way up there! But I bet they are amazing! 

Then you take a bunch of selfies and the standard group commemoration photo. 

At this point you have time to get a drink or popcorn- or both. We are quite partial to the popcorn. YUM! 

This is also when the teams warm up, starting lineup introductions are on the jumbo tron, the dance squad performs and the band energizes the crowd! 

Then comes the tunnel walk! So cool! I've seen it and experienced it 20+ times and it still gets me every time! 

Balloons are released after the Huskers score! We scored within the first minute and half on Saturday! 

If you look really close you can see the Weiner schlinger. Its a crazy contraption that shoots hotdogs to fans. We sit 19 rows up and they always launch way past us. 

We usually try to get out of the game just a smidge early- especially if it's just me and the kids. Navigating post game traffic (pedestrian and car) can be kind of crazy!!! 

It was a fun game and a great time with my girlies! 

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