Wednesday, September 04, 2013


John's brother and his family gave Evie finger paints for her birthday. Now at first, I can honestly say I was not thrilled with this gift. I am so over kid crafts, painting and play doh. I feel like I've been there- done that. Not fair for Evie- I know, but isn't that what preschool is for!? Just kidding...well kind of. Poor Evie is going to miss out on somethings- and that's just the way of it. Being spoiled and babied will more than make up for it! :)

I also think it may have been a little pay back for all the noisy annoying gifts we have given the nephews. Fart machines, voice changers, remote controls with sirens etc. Ya...I think we were due...what's a little finger paint!?

Anyway, yesterday we spent the cool morning finger painting in the drive way. Well, she used her finger paints and brushes. She wasn't too keen about getting her fingers dirty.

Thank goodness there were brushes included! She had a blast with those! 

And wouldn't you wasn't that bad! She may not miss out on all that much after all! 

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