Thursday, September 12, 2013

cutting grass

We have a big yard, and as I've mentioned before I really don't mind mowing it. Mowing gives me a little alone time. I also like to get it done while John is at less thing for him to do when he gets home. Which equals more time with the family. But that doesn't always happen...especially lately when its been 95 degrees with high humidity! Mowing in the evenings is the only tolerable time! Even then the potential for melting is up there!

Tuesday night was one of these nights. I went out to mow and my little buddy decided to join me. She doesn't get to help/ride for very long. Only about ten minutes before a big sister comes to get her. But it's still sweet!

She is so good - just sits there an enjoys the ride. We go slow and easy and of course she wears ear protection. 

On this particular night a storm was coming in and the sky was so pretty. The sun rays split the sky into light and dark and there was a thin golden outline to the frontal clouds. So pretty!

And just when I thought we were going to get missed...the skies opened up and poured down over an inch of rain, some much needed rain! My trees and grass are thankful! 

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