Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fun times

This past weekend was super fun! Why you ask!? Because my brother, his girlfriend and our mom came up! YAY!!!

Everyone arrived Friday afternoon. That night, all the adults went out to eat to celebrate Maranda's birthday (which was earlier in the week). We went to a greek restaurant and tried new things. My mom tried calamari. Trevor and John ate goat. I was perfectly content with my chicken and pita. I'm such a daredevil! 

We brought home a wide selection of desserts- all were so delicious!

Then we played ten point pitch! My family has been playing pitch for as long as I can remember. In fact some of my earliest memories were of spending evenings at my grandparents, playing on the kitchen floor with my brothers while the adults played pitch. We would hear the excitement and fun coming from the game and always want to join in. When we were about 8, our great grandparents started teaching us how to play. It was like a rite of passage. Finally, we could sit at the table and play cards with the adults!! Anyway, I love that game and its always exciting and fun to play with the family! Especially since Trevor was my partner. We are both a little daring and risky with our bids...but it turned out well- we won!

We called it an early night on Friday, because the football game was an early one. We had to leave for stadium at 9:30 to make the 11am kick off.

So after a homestyle breakfast, we headed off for the game. Trevor, Maranda, John, Kwynn, McKynna and I all were wearing our black- ready to cheer on the HUSKERS! It was a lot of fun! Just so you know (as if you didn't) we lost that game. BAD! We were winning going into half time and then fell apart in the third. It was really hard to watch. But in Nebraska fans stay and support the team no matter the score. We played UCLA, who lost a football player the previous weekend in a car accident. The class and support for UCLA and their athlete was amazing to see. The student section held up two banners- "One game-One team" and the other was a Nebraska "N" painted half blue/yellow and half red with number 36. There was a moment of silence for the could have heard a pin drop in that stadium of 90,000 fans. It was incredible. The student section also released 200 yellow and blue balloons in honor of #36. We had some UCLA fans sitting in front of us. They were so nice and fun to talk with.


Like I said- we lost. And it hurt. But football isn't everything. We came home and hung out. Grilled up some steak for dinner, Trevor and John finished a couple of house projects for me, the twins and I helped Maranda with college homework and had a great evening. We sang Happy Birthday to Maranda and celebrated with strawberry cheesecake! YUM!

We hadn't all been together since Easter- so this was lots of fun! We are getting together again in October- mom rented a huge cabin for the weekend. Should be memorable! Last time I slipped and fell in the lake fully dressed and that was just in the first hour of being there! :) FUN TIMES!

Love my family!

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