Monday, September 23, 2013

busy busy bees

This past weekend was packed full of stuff. Corynn had a few friends stay over Friday night, and then had a school volunteer project Saturday morning. I spent the morning and part of the afternoon painting and changing out kitchen hardware at a friend's house. Then the game was on (WE WON!!!).

And I finished up a project. Evie's growth chart! Thank goodness for 6 month well child check-ups...I can add in all her recorded heights and get it up to date! I'm going add velcro command strips to the back and just attached it to the wall in her room. I wanted to add the other girls to it too, but haven't decided. I have all their recorded heights as well. hmmmm...still thinking that one over. But's cute, huh! And I made it for less than $5! Pretty sweet! 

Sunday John and I worked in the yard- mowing and pulling weeds. Corynn had a birthday party. The twins spent a few hours doing homework. John and I cut down a dead tree on our property. A beautiful birch tree! Look at all this love birch!

Can't wait to make candle holders and other winter decorations with them! 

We also cut down some other large branches from other trees. We cut up the branches into firewood size so once they dry out a bit we can use them in our chimenea. Can't wait to cozy up on the patio with it this fall! Corynn and Evie spent the cool perfect evening playing outside. Aren't they adorable!? 

 Then after I put Evie to bed, I went out to meet some girlfriends. And was able to snuggle a sweet newborn for awhile! A nice way to end a busy, hard working weekend. 

And now it's Monday and this mama is tired. Today I shall spend the day with my little buddy. Playing with her 'beebees' and working on shapes and colors. Happy Monday, everyone! 

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