Thursday, April 09, 2009

Do Re Mi

As a mom of some very busy girls- I've come to accept the fact that a HUGE part of my day is spent in the car...playing taxi-driver. I've learned how to utilize those precious minutes you spending waiting...waiting for the bell to ring, waiting for the bus, waiting for a lesson to finish, waiting for whatever.

I always a have a book in the car, a note pad to jot down any last minute errands or something that needs to be done or just to make a list (oh how I love lists!), and lately I've been working on crossword puzzles...and I do them in pen! I'm such a rebel!

But then there's the actual driving part- where you have to focus on driving, street signs, your fellow drivers and try to block out the bickering coming from the back seat. A great way to do this is music! I am one of those people who turns the radio way up and sings along with the artist. I try to steer clear of questionable music since my children are in the van with me. The variety is vast subject to various radio stations. A little primary music is thrown in the mix too!

Anyhoo- I used to just sing along as I was driving and then quit when I got to a stop light...afraid that people might think I'm a crazy person and point at the psycho soccer mom jammin out one car over. And don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about- I know you've all done it! A really good song comes on- you crank it up and let loose, but then- just as your getting to the good part- you hit a stoplight, turn it down slightly and softly hum the words under your breath. You may even tap the steering wheel- but not in rhythm with the music- more as a result of your frustration at the dang stop light that won't turn so you can get on with your song.

Well, about three months ago I pulled up to a stop light and noticed this car next to was swaying back and forth. I looked over and the lady in the car was probably in her mid- forties and was rockin out to something on the radio (or at least I hope there was some music playing somewhere- otherwise that may be a little nuts-so!) She was shaking her head back and forth, banging on the steering wheel as if it were a drum set and wailing to her hearts content!

My first instinct was to laugh, but then I thought, huh!? How would it be to be that free and unselfconscious? Not caring about the stranger in the car next to you. Living in the moment and enjoying a good song! So I started thinking- why don't I do that? I don't know many people in town anyway and who cares if someone sees me singing (rather loudly). I'm not trying to win a 'cool' contests. Plus, there's no way I'd look as crazy as she did!

So from that moment on I decided to free myself- and now I indulge in every good song that comes on the radio. My kids even get into it! Although, I'm sure in a few months the twins will ridicule me and beg me stop being so spastic. But until that time comes la freakin la, baby!

So if you happen up to a tan van at stop light and the lady driving is singing herself in to a seizure-like fit...its probably me! :)

Rock on and have an awesome Easter weekend!

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wendysue said...

I love it when people do that. . .I always flip through the stations and try to figure out what song they're listening to! Rock on! Oh, and my fav station is 101.9 best of the 80's and early 90's!!