Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Week

Last Thursday morning was like any other morning in the Kelly household. Lots of commotion, some yelling, and a little craziness. Somewhere in the madness I hear the phone ring. I start searching the couch, flipping over pillows and tossing jackets in an effort to find my ringing phone, and I can't help but think "Who the heck is calling me at 6:15 am?!"

Finally, I find my phone (just in time for it to stop ringing!) I see that John had called so I call him back. He had just left for work - probably calling to remind me to put the trash out or he forgot something and was headed back home.

Nope- he just wanted us to go up front and look out the front door. Slightly annoyed at his cryptic demand- I gather up the kids and push them out the front door. I was seriously hoping it wasn't another one of these!

Instead we saw this...

this amazing rainbow stretching behind the houses across the street. You could see the whole colorful band arching unobstructed! It was beautiful! The girls and I all kind of stood there in awe! After getting our fill- we headed back inside to finish our hectic morning ritual.

Its so amazing what beauty we are given each day! Mother Earth is so breathtaking, serene and inspirational. She works so hard for us- and it pains me to think how we abuse her so!

In honor of this spectacular orbiting sphere on which we live and the fact that Earth Day is quickly approaching- I'll be posting fun 'earthy eco-friendly' posts all week!

To start the week off - I wanted to share some great links with Earth Day activities and projects for the kiddos!

Click here and here for some really fun ideas!

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