Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pucca's Party

It was a fun party...the girls were adorable and very well behaved. Perfect little ladies! Pucca had a wonderful time- and that's all that really matters!

Here's a run down of the TEA PARTY


We filled the house with balloons...something about free floating balloons that just shouts party time!

The buffet was set up with the cake, drinks and party favors. The silver pieces came courtesy of gma Kelly...she let us borrow them for this special occasion.

The table was set with light purple flowers, an antique tea pot, my mint green Tiara, a white lacey tablecloth that I found at a local thrift store yesterday, a runner made from a remnant piece of fabric I had laying around and pink satin napkin rings made with a little hot glue, ribbon and a left over cardboard tube from a paper towel roll.

Party favors: Made from salvaged tins cans (straight from the recycling...washed of course!) I covered them with coordinating scrapbook paper. The girls could use them as a pencil holder or for markers. We filled them with a pair of pink dainty gloves, princess stickers, a candy bracelet and sugar cookie on a stick.

Funny story about those cookies...they were supposed to be crowns. But when I baked them- they puffed way out and didn't really resemble crowns anymore. So I improvised and made them into pink tulips! They were fun...I'll definitely make them again!


Our first party game was tossing pennies into a tea cup. Each girl was given 5 pennies and who ever made the most won!

Another game we did was sugar cube stacking. Each girl was given 10 sugar cubes and we tried to see who could build the tallest tower in 10 seconds. We played this a few times.

John had to leave (security alarm went off at work- he had to go check it out.) Which left me I didn't get any pictures of the next activity. We made tissue paper flowers!

Cake Time:

Sparkler candles and sugar rimmed tea cups were Pucca's favorites...not sure if you can see in the photo, but we laced the tops of the tea cups with hot pink sugar- as if they needed more! But it looked cute!

Happy Birthday, Pucca! We love you!


Deb said...

What a lovely party and happy birthday Pucca!!!

Can I Have This Dance.... said...

It looked like a fun party.
You are so creative!
Happy Birthday Pucca!