Thursday, April 02, 2009

One purple One blue

First of all let me say- twins are amazing...especially mine (motherly bias and all) but just having a set of twins is an absolute joy. BUT they bring a whole different set of issues and considerations when child rearing. Today was one of those days.

One child received a purple ribbon (first place) and one child received a blue ribbon (second place). NOW I know that they are two separate children who act in separate ways- so results, reactions and effects will indubitably be different. But in alot of unspoken, trivial ways they are classified as one. Referred to and thought of as one; twins. I do it- I admit it. But so do teachers, friends, family etc. However I also respect and appreciate their differences - which by the way vastly out number their similarities.

This combined with the fact they are as close as two siblings can get...a closeness that can sometimes breed extreme competitiveness...caused a bit of drama at the bus stop.

Ribbons were handed out last thing as kids were loading buses. One felt defeated- the other felt elated. I could tell the purple ribbon winner empathized with her sister, but it didn't help. Feelings were hurt.

The facts were and are this:
Both girls did SUPER! They prepared well and worked hard. Our blue-ribbon winner drew a bit of bad luck in the sense she had a harsh judge. One who scored their project 20+ points below what the other two judges did. The explanation on the judging form was: "More information was needed to express the validity of non-orbital bodies and criteria for naming the aforementioned as such within scholarly branches of astrophysical consideration." WHAT!? Poor thing- she didn't even know what he was asking. Did he know they were just 5TH GRADERS?! Idiot.

The mom in me wanted to track him down and smack him- how dare he! But instead we soothed our sweetie with praise, explained that obviously that judge was spastic and made chocolate covered strawberries (they always make things better!)


wendysue said...

loser. I read that thing through 4 times and I still don't get it.

Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

They are BOTH winners - but this does seriously suck. But will happen again.
I like the chocolate strawberry deal... almost as good as Heath pie!