Thursday, April 30, 2009


This week has been a little overwhelming for me.

Pucca has officially peaked in her quest for almighty 'diva'- ness (so not a word...I know! but I'm not really caring at this point!) Attitude, sassiness and a million of those little annoying things like eyerolling, shrugging, glaring, walking away while your talking to her, etc. I love her- I really do! But sometimes I swear she wakes up in the morning and the only thing on her to-do list is ANNOY mom beyond the point of sanity!

She's becoming quite proficient!

Sick kids- yuck! (pucca last week, Kwynnie this week)

Dr appts. filling out paperwork. waiting, complaining. waiting. complaining. finally seeing the dr. more whining. more complaining.

school things.

planting my backyard oasis. not finding the plants I wanted. having to settle. attempting a patio garden with some veggies. mad because I couldn't find the right variety of zucchini. stupid birds attacking my sliding glass door. wondering if my man will buy me a pellet gun?

Rain. a little too much for me. i don't like mud. wish the sun would come back out to play.

May day. spent two hours making our goodies. ended up with 22. some are being delivered at school, but still have to deliver 15 of them to houses. wonder how long that's going to take? definitely setting a friend limit next year!

Big weekend plans. not really. just hanging with John and the girls. family time. cleaning. possibly a trip to the farmer's market.

I will be so glad when this week is officially over! Next week has to be better, right!?

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