Thursday, April 23, 2009


Oh my! Oh my! Could it have been a more perfect day yesterday!? Upper 70s, a slight cool breeze and a sky full of sun with out a cloud in sight...seriously PERFECT!

Our family took full advantage of this perfection and celebrated Earth Day!

Earlier in the week- we made Earth day shirts, using eco-friendly soy based iron decals. The kiddos wanted to honor Mother E on her special day.

Thanks Cousin Lex for posing for a pic!

To start the actual Earth Day- Pucca and I walked to school. Listening to the birds sing and admiring all the spring blossoms.

The kids were then busted out of school early (having only gone for the morning because of standardized testing they couldn't miss). We came home and had a picnic lunch on the patio. Then headed to see the movie EARTH to witness some of the planet's most amazing sights and creatures. There were some seriously killer shots of the great white (no pun intended! They were AWESOME! And the waterfalls and aerial shots were just breathtaking!) Definitely one to see on the BIG screen! Reminded me alot of an Imax feature.

The Earth documentary spurred some very earth conscience conversations and allowed the children to ask questions and admire the beauty. It was fun chatting with them about different animals and places...and then encouraging research for answers unknown.

Then in the evening, we made yummy 'earthy' muffins full of natures goodness...whole wheat flour, pumpkin, shredded carrots, raisins, walnuts and oatmeal! YUM!

I'll post the recipe next week!

Then after dinner we enjoyed mother nature a little more with one of these! Oh ya- a water balloon fight!

I really wanted to plant the veggies for our patio garden...but we ran out of time! Hopefully, today! It turned out to be a superb day and enjoyed by all!

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