Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mama's havin a birthday!

My mom's birthday was yesterday- NO, I didn't forget! I even gave her gift two weeks early! But I wanted to let her know we love her and give her - her due recognition in blog world!

Here are 51 reasons why I think my mom is special (51 being a significant number- if you catch my drift):

  1. She gave birth to me! :)
  2. She is patient
  3. She gives freely of herself to help others
  4. She believes in making her community better
  5. And she's willing to work to make that happen!
  6. She raised three not-so-easy kids all by herself
  7. She supported us with whatever endeavor we were trying
  8. She made cakes and sold them to take us to Disney World
  9. And she even let me take a friend!
  10. She drove us all over NE for our swim meets- which meant being on the road before dawn
  11. She's an excellent communicator
  12. She has a good disposition- which helps balance me out
  13. She has a great laugh
  14. She knows how to play naive to get others to help around the house- its a talent!
  15. She gave us everything she could growing up- and it was always enough
  16. I loved the big blue wagon she used to drive
  17. She is easy to talk to
  18. She's kind
  19. She's non-judgemental
  20. She'll stick by her kids through anything
  21. She makes us feel like we can always come home
  22. She' s a fighter in her own quiet way
  23. She's smarter- alot smarter than she'll lead you to believe
  24. She loves the smell of crayons- quirky, but a sweet characteristic none the less
  25. She knows everyone- and everyone knows her
  26. She can be trusted
  27. She has a great smile- good teeth!
  28. She doesn't like camping (me either!)
  29. She has a 'list' - a life list of things she hope to accomplish
  30. She goes to palm readers and numerologists- so cool!
  31. She believes in ghosts
  32. She's always wanting to do more- not necessarily achieve more but accomplish more if that makes sense.
  33. She's an amazing grandma
  34. She's devoted
  35. She grew up an only child- but didn't end up spoiled or feeling superior as some only children do.
  36. She's my mom and friend
  37. I like hanging out with her
  38. She's a good judge of character
  39. She's a dreamer
  40. She's not very organized- which can be special considering I am the exact opposite... almost extremes
  41. She's laid back
  42. She has a bohemian style about her in the way she dresses. Casual and comfortable
  43. People respect her
  44. She has many friends
  45. She's dependable
  46. She can draw
  47. She likes washing dishes- which makes her really special in my book!
  48. She works hard
  49. She's selfless
  50. She's funny- lots of laughs when we're together
  51. She has some of the most amazing grandchildren ever!


wendysue said...

Happy birthday to your momma!

p.s. when I started to scroll down the page #22 and #23 blended together and I thought you had written, "she's a farter. . ". . .:)

Jared Lewandowski said...

This is great!!! I agree with all of them 100% :)

Audra said...

wendy- your so funny! maybe next year I can add that as #52! j/k, mom!