Tuesday, April 28, 2009


One of my babies is sick today...the yucky kind of sick that is such a joy to be awakened by! UGH!

Today's list looks a little like this:

lysol- check
gatorade- check
laundry- (in the washer now)
crackers- check

I made her a lovely bed on the couch with some sheets and a throw. She's snuggled up with her pillow watching a movie and holding her 'bowl'...just incase!

Poor thing!

I really hope its just something she ate...although she didn't eat much at dinner last night...maybe its the flu....maybe its the swine flu? Probably not- but I think I'm falling victim to the mass hysteria culminating from the media frenzy surrounding the ensuing pandemic. Maybe our family should be quarantined...no school...no work...in a condo...in the Caribbean!

Snapping back into reality now- time to play nurse maid super mom!

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