Friday, April 24, 2009


Earth Day has us all focusing on the planet and its precious put it more in perspective for the girls- we've talked about the awesomeness that surrounds us everyday here where we live. Here are some pix from our personal photo library of the beauty we are blessed with everyday!

The sunsets in NE are amazing...cotton candy clouds and colors you'd never believe existed in nature!

Storms...we have spectacular storms in NE. They can develop out of nowhere. This pic was taken over Memorial Day one year. We had spent the day at the beach enjoying the sun...this sprang up in the early evening. It only lasted 15 minutes, crazy lightening, wind and hail- then we had the sunset in the photo above! Yep- that's Nebraska!

I like the snow! Sledding, snowmen, snowball fights and snow angels...although the blowing snow can be a bit of bugger while traveling in the plains. I consider it an even trade!

We have a few lakes in NE, some reservoirs (there is a difference) alot of sandpits and of course the river! Each brings its own fun and adventure for the family.
 of the best advantages to living in the flat can see so much!

Our pastures and can almost imagine the pioneers trekking across our grasslands nearly 200 years ago.

With our prairies come wildflowers and native grasses. Such wonder and peace. You just want to run through them like the opening scene of Little House!

Cows...actually meant to symbolize ranching and beef production. We have on occasion had cattle on our land- which gives the kids a firsthand perspective on the delicate balance of animals and grazing. How the interaction plays out and the detriments and benefits it can produce. could I have a photo tribute to our little piece of planet Earth and not mention corn! And the other crops our state can produce due to the mineral makeup of the dirt, the growing season and weather provided by Mother Nature.

I love the colors of our skies...the brilliant blues and whites during the day that would seem unnatural if painted in a picture. And the spanning colors of magenta, salmon, purple, fiery orange and cotton candy pink that lull us into can seriously catch us out on the front porch standing in awe most evenings! favorite part of spring are watching the trees blossom...white, pink and the huge magnolia blooms that fill the air the sweetest smelling fragrance. Not native to NE- but so thankful they thrive here so we can admire and enjoy their beauty!

I can't imagine not wanting to do our family's part in helping preserve such a wondrous place. Take a minute to soak up the natural beauty that surrounds you...enjoy it and protect it!

Thanks for letting me get up on my environmental soapbox (made completely with recycled materials, of course) this week and spread my green theme! Have a great weekend!

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