Tuesday, April 21, 2009


You know the old phrase 'change is good'? This beneficial connotation was given to change as a result of time being so bad that anything other than the present state would have to be better. Even President O jumped on the almighty 'change' bandwagon with his campaign slogan. I'm a firm believer that most change is good...but only because I believe that everyone, every person on this planet, could change something to make them a better person. We can all find at least one thing- one attribute, one personality flaw, one priority, one vice- that we would like to change. Whether it be your weight, your financial situation, switching to decaf, paper, plastic or cloth, your ethos or your carbon footprint.

Change may be good- but it sure as heck isn't always easy. Are you a "jump right in with out testing the water" type, a "stick your pinky toe in and slowly allow your body to adjust" type or a "wait until someone throws you in" type?

I am a babysteppin slow and steady evolver of change. Becoming GREEN as a family can be difficult... so I've put together a list of some easy little things you can do to better the environment.

  • CLOTH grocery bags- super easy and more accessible than ever. If you do use plastic- save them and take them back to store for recycling. Most grocery stores have bins set up by the doors for you to drop them off in.
  • GREEN cleaning products- big fan of these! It took me awhile to adjust because my brain didn't quite understand how it could be really clean if the smell of bleach didn't permiate from every surface. Having gotten over that hurdle- I've also found that the green products are also organic and way better for your families health. And safe for your children to use- so put those kiddos to work!
  • BUY USED- as if I needed another excuse to hit up estate sales and thrift stores! Just doing my part to save the planet, babe! Wood furniture, fabric, and frames are all good items to buy that can refurbished, painted and given new life!
  • GO PAPERLESS- my biggest pet peeve lately has been the amount of paper my children bring home from school. Complete craziness! The twins and I are writing up a petition for their school to see if they will allow a 'paperless' option for incoming students next year. This would allow all notes, reminders and school messages to be sent out via email for families who would allow it. Most bills (phone, gas, electric, bank statements and credit cards) can all be done over the internet by simply going paperless. Plus- think how much of the YUCK mail you'd be cutting down on! Going to get the mail wouldn't have to be so depressing! Win- win!
  • DONATE rather than throw out- Of course clothes and household items can be easily donated, but so can larger items. Many of the big box stores will take old appliances away, scrap down the parts and recycle them. Call your local scrap yard for metal and usually a FREE sign by a wood pile takes care of itself.
  • RECYCLE- not only paper and plastic- but electronics, ink cartridges and phones. Eye glasses can be reused, post offices have drop off bins for cell phones, and Best Buy (completely unsolicited praise) offers a free removal of old appliances and electronics with delivery of a new product. Or for a fee- they can schedule a pickup. Many stores have a program of this type- don't be afraid to ask when purchasing.
Babysteps...hopefully we can all get in step and do our part!

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