Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Not sure

Easter is fast approaching and I'm completely dreading the annual Easter shopping frenzy! The one that usually happens the week before Easter as I run from to store to store with three girls trying to find Easter outfits that we can agree on.

Ohhhhh- it used to be so easy! I would buy them- they would wear them. Not so much anymore...they all feel the need to have a say in the selection. I know this is just the beginning of the whole 'dramatic wardrobe war' that was destined to happen- three girls and all!

I can feel the typical teen scene getting closer and closer- you know the one that goes something like-

You are not wearing that! Go change.

Why?! I like it! You have no fashion sense!

Go change!

UGHHHHH- I hate you! (bedroom door slams)

Why is it when they hand you your beautiful baby girl - those days seem a lifetime away!? Now they feel so close that I'm tempted to take the doors off the hinges to save the headache of listening to it slam.

This year may be different!
I may just have them wear something cute from their closets- they want for nothing as far as clothes are concerned. Although, I did have to draw the line when Pucca wanted a pair of Ugg boots- I made her settle for a pair of knock-offs. You would have thought her world ended!

Hmmm- why is we have to buy cute dresses for Easter anyway? We always got them growing up...having pix taken on Easter Sunday dressed to impress at my grandparents house. And I have to admit - dressing baby girls up in frilly pink and white dresses is fun!

Hmmmm- I still have some self-debating to do on this subject. If we do or if we don't - either way, grandparents- I promise your granddaughters will be adorable come Easter morn!

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