Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We headed back to good old GI town for Easter break and spent some quality time with my mom, grandparents, great grandma, john's parents and visited his grandma too.

It was a really GREAT weekend! Lots of laughing and love!

Funny highlights:
  • My mom and I took Ems walking Saturday morning and scared the crap out of this old lady walking her two bite-sized rag-a-muffins. Now mom and I both knew Emma wouldn't eat them (she prefers something more filling!) but the lady was in so much fear that she pick her dogs up, walked a huge semi-circle around us, put her dogs down and ran off in the opposite direction- dragging them behind her. Now I'm sure your thinking maybe she's a she was in her late 70s with a one of those hair scarves on - you know the ones that look like colored panty hose- they wear them to protect their 'do' from the wind.
Ems isn't a scary dog- but she's not very controlled on a leash- so that may have been part of it!

  • Catching grandpa with his hand in the cookie jar- so to speak! He nibbled a candy or two off a cake the girls made for some friends. It wasn't a big deal- but the girls and I laid on the drama and the guilt just gushed out all over the dinner table! It was really funny to 'razz' someone who's usually the one messing with everyone else! Love ya, Jeff!
  • Visiting John's grandma (she's in the back in the hospital). She's been having some TAs (little stroke-like blackouts). We weren't sure how she would be...confused, aware etc. But as soon she started giving me crap about coloring my hair- I knew she wasn't doing toooo bad! I colored it a crazy auburn color- just for a little something different! The conversation went a little something like this:
Oh so you colored your hair


I don't like colored hair! It doesn't look natural. Especially when its a weird dark color- it makes them look like a witch.

yep (complete with eye roll and the girls giggling!)

Nothing like being put in your place by a 93 year old woman! :)

Here are a few pix from the lovely weekend:

Pucca playing on the beach.

Kwynnie working on her photography skills.

proof that they do love eachother!

Pucca found one of Kynna's eggs!

Our dear strange darling, kwynnie!

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