Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Happy Earth Day!

I have a super fun activity to make your family walks more interesting!

Camera and a good eye!

During your family walk have the kids find the letters of the alphabet in nature. Once a 'letter' is spotted- snap a photo. For example, here's some the girls and I have found on our walks...

"A" "W" "Y"

(I've also always wanted to do this downtown- more of an urban feel. Snap photos of every letter from a different source e.g. billboards, street signs, license plates, store front windows etc. You can also use an industrial theme or architectural- both would also be interesting!)

Once you have the entire alphabet finished- you can spell out your family surname or each of the kids names and have them framed. Here's an example of a finished product I saw in a catalog- although it would less expensive and mean so much of more if the you collected the photos together.

Its going to be in the 80s today- such a lovely day for the Earth Day plans our family has in store! More on that tomorrow!

p.s. I'm also guest blogging over at Fresh Nest- check it out!

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Deb said...

I seriously love these and am putting this on my "to do" list!