Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

The children asked us Friday evening, What exactly is Memorial Day? So we decided the best way to show and explain the importance this holiday - was to make a quick trip to GI town.

We drove to GI town, stopped at a store, bought some flowers and made bouquets tied up with ribbon. We visited family...some the kids have never known- having passed before they were born. Some I'd never met, but I have heard stories about them. Its so important for the girls to know their heritage and the wonderful people adorning our family tree.

Stories were shared at each grave, we explained the flags and crosses marking the veteran graves and why its important to pay respect to these special people.

We finished the day off by stopping at John's great aunt and uncle's graves. John's great uncle holds a special place in my heart. He was a one of kind I wished I'd had longer to know. The 7 short years I knew him were far from being enough.

When we were at the grave, the girls helped me clean the dead grass clippings from around the base and pull a few weeds. I knelt down in front with Pucca, as Kynna laid the flowers, thinking of all the wonderful memories I had. I couldn't help but smile. I probably would have broke down in tears if John hadn't lovingly squeezed my shoulders as Pucca held my hand. It was a nice moment of reflection and a perfect way to end the trip.

We all quietly walked back to the car, loaded up and belted ourselves in. The feeling of contentment, peace and love was almost one said a thing. Then as we begin to pull away...we are blinded with this (it was a whole lot worse when he was digging around in his trunk for 5 minutes...maybe it was a good thing I couldn't quit laughing long enough to turn the camera on until it was almost too late...sure did save you all from a lovely sight!)

an eruption of giggles and laughter explodes- so loud...that John rolled up the windows so we wouldn't seem disrespectful.

You know how it is when the moment gets so heavy with emotion that you know some type of manifestation of feeling is going to show itself any minute...then in a split second that emotion flips a 180...that release of laughter is what we all needed!


wendysue said...

What a great day. . .minus the crackage photo!

Audra said...

We totally call it 'crackage' too...or redneck cleavage...but usually crackage! Too funny!