Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6 years ago...

I've spent most of the day fighting a bloggers block. With the children finishing up school, softball starting, clubs, meetings and other commitments... I just haven't felt the creativity flowing. In fact, I don't think anything but sheer exhaustion is flowing around here!

My 'lists' keep getting longer...which is so not what they are supposed to be doing! Lists for groceries, lists for home projects, lists for gardening projects, lists of appts, events and all seems never ending.

Although, I did fix two drawer pulls today! YAY! They have been bugging me forever! And tonight I'm going to work on my mending...YES, mending! Pucca has a few stuffed animals that have seen better days and John needs a button sewn on.

I'm sure you're wondering why these little things would conjure up such feelings of accomplishment- well, its because the little things are the easiest to push off. And some have been on my lists for crossing them off oozes satisfaction!

In a long drawn out round about way- this leads me to my post for today. This photo was taken 6 years ago exactly. I remember this day too. It was in our rental house on 48th, Kwynn refused to put a shirt on- which was probably for the best...she was eating chocolate icecream. (note the evidence around her mouth!)

Kynna was just wearing a shirt (no pants- not sure why...just one of those 'feel like not wearing pants today' days I'm sure!) and pucca was in her third onsie of the day. I did manage to get the girls hair done- which seemed at the time like a huge accomplishment. So as soon as John got home from work- I had him snap a photo of our three little darlings.

Crazy how 6 years later...I'm still loving the satisfaction that comes from completing such little mundane tasks!

So for all you out there who have completed a tiny somewhat insignificant task today- a chore that won't effect the grand design in even the slightest way....YAY! Give yourself a pat on the back and find the enjoyment in the little things!

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