Sunday, May 17, 2009

busy week- will it ever change?

This week is super full of appts, practices, a day camp, meetings and more.

Its still a week away...but I can't wait for this weekend! An extra day will make it all the more sweet!

Instead of boring you with things I HAVE to do this week...I'm going to list things I WISH I were doing this week!

  • Getting a tan...I know skin cancer is a serious thing, but so are my blindingly white legs! NO JOKE! I bet the astronauts at the space station could pin point my location if I wore shorts! Scary stuff!
  • Reading a really good book...I've hit a bad patch with books lately. Which has in turn forced me to steal Pucca's ds in an effort to make the high score in every game option of Zoo Keeper. A lofty goal indeed...and I was sure this would take weeks, but NO. two days in and mission complete. Bummer. Back to the bookshelves I go.
  • No laundry. I'm not going to bore you with reasons why- its pretty self explanatory.
  • Visiting friends. I would probably need actual friends to accomplish this, but one can always hope! Being such a homebody has its definite draw backs- but there is something simplistically wonderful about having a few super close friends! But I'm getting better!
  • Vacation...or even staycation- I'm not picky! Staycation is this wonderful idea of staying in your town and enjoying it through the eyes of a tourist. Get a sweet hotel room, shop and see the town! Sounds like fun!
Well- this actually starting to make me loath the upcoming week- so I'll stop now!


Christy said...

Come visit me anytime! I'll send Eva outside and we can make cool things.

Or, try to beat my score on Scramble or Bejeweled Blitz on facebook.

Audra said...

Thanks, Christy! I'd love to come over and see ya...maybe next week when the craziness passes!