Monday, May 11, 2009

Good times

We spent this last weekend in GI town. My brother and his family were
back in town it was nice to see everyone. It was great having the cousins together!

The weekend was full of laughs and funny little incidents that wouldn't be as funny if I retold them- because you really had to be there!

But there is one funny moment I can share... Mom and I were heading back to the hotel to meet up with my brother, his wife, John and the kids. We're walking past the pool, and mom casually says "Geez, the hotel must be busy this weekend- look at how full the pool is!"

It was LOUD, full of kids, balls flying everywhere, "Daddy, catch me!" here and "CANNONBALL!" there...but when we looked a little closer we noticed that the only people in the pool were our family! 8 cousins (age ranging from 10 to 2 months) and three adults...the pool was busy indeed!

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Jared L said...

Thanks for the post Audra! It was good to see you and John, and to be back home for the weekend. And the kids really had a blast! I think Elizabeth has a new best friend (Corynn). Let us know when you might be coming out to visit...