Monday, May 04, 2009

Nerding Out

Last week one evening- the girls were nicely playing together in the playroom, and John and I were relaxing in the family room. The tv was set to the evening news, John was on the laptop and I was curled up with a book. Peace. Quiet. Perfection.

John looked at me and said "You know what this is called, don't you?"

"What?!" I asked in bewilderment.

"Its called nerding out" he answered with a smile.

At first I was shocked- Nerds? way! I insisted he explain.

There's a guy that works in the same office as John keeping his identity secret to protect the innocent! :) Him and his wife often find themselves on the couch, each with their laptops and the tv tuned into some mundane channel providing a background of white noise. His friend calls this NERDING OUT.

Hmm....I thought about that for a couple of days. More and more, John and I are finding ourselves in that same position. The kids are in bed...he's working on the laptop...I'm reading in my big comfy chair and the tv is on something.

I've come to realize that I just like being near my husband. We're usually not even on the same piece of furniture, but there's something about being in the same room, each enjoying our own thing, being comfortable with the silence between us and finding contentment.

Discovering this realization has led me to one conclusion...nerding out it is!

Speaking of nerds...John and I stayed up late last weekend watching the Nerds movies...pretty darn funny!

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The Brink Blog said...

Justin and I are official then too..NERDING OUT!!! But I totally agree with you--just like being near our hubbies in the same vicinity!!