Friday, May 22, 2009

Just the fam

(I was on the computer in the guest room and John came in and laid down on the bed to talk with me. I finished up what I was doing and went and laid down next to him. Pretty soon Pucca squeezes in between us. Then the twins come in and make themselves comfortable and join in the conversation. And before I could roll over and grab the camera, Ms. Emma found her own spot- she wasn't about to be left out of the 'family meeting'. )

We are so excited about this weekend! No big plans...just hanging out together...but that's when we have the most fun! The girls have a bday party, pucca has a playdate, we have a bbq to attend on Sunday and the rest of the time is dedicated to lovely relaxation! Probably some yard work too, but that's not so bad- at least I'll get a little sun-kissed hue going on!

This summer is going to be crazy these relatively UN-BUSY weekends are much appreciated!

Enjoy the long weekend!

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