Friday, May 29, 2009

Bullies STINK

The twins are having bully issues at school. Not just affecting them- but other kids too. It just started getting personal a few weeks ago.

I'm a big fan of the 'walk away' method of dealing with it. Ignore and walk away. But this doesn't work real well when your being pestered on the bus ride home. The other complicated aspect of this whole situation is - that the 'bullies' used to be friends with the girls. So I'm not sure what's going on.

I do know rude words were spoken, insults were dealt out and its even gotten physical with some kids.

As a mother- I think these girls lack parental control and may even feel a little insecure about themselves. And by making others feel bad- it makes them feel good.

I'm acquainted with their parents and have felt compelled on more than one occasion to give them a call. My kids are handling it fine and do their best to ignore them. I do fear for the 'bullies' though- they too will be moving on to middle school next year. And they won't be the top dogs anymore...might be quite the adjustment for them.

On the way home from the bus stop yesterday, Kynna says "I was this close (indicating with her fingers) to calling them a bad name! This close! But I didn't. " I asked what she would have called them..."I don't know...I can't think of one, but it would have been really, really bad!" she replied.

I am so thankful there is only a 4-day week left of school!!! If this is what middle school girl relations is going to be like....someone save me! I had forgotten how mean girls can be!

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Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

I know it's serious but I laughed when I read "this close" because I can see Kynna saying that! You have good kids. And I'm glad they're telling you what's going on. The phone call to the parents might not be a bad idea.