Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thinking of summer!

I can't seem to get summer off my mind! I so desperately want to be able to sleep in (which is 7:30-8am around here), go to the zoo, go on walks, picnics, swimming, go to the lake, spend time at Davey and get some sun on my pasty appendages...ahhhhh- summer!

In special reference to my sunshiney anticipation...I'd like to share with you a short story Kynna wrote about a summer experience.

My Day at the pool

This personal narrative is about my awesome day at the pool.

The day was hot and it burned my feet when I walked on the cement. I slid into the pool; I was hopping for ice-cold water but got the warm water. It was sticky, warm, and felt like hot Jell-O. My mom said, “ I used to swim in cold water because the heater didn’t work!” Right about now that felt good.

I loved the pool except for the … high dive.
I’d been scared of it since kindergarden when Kwynn did a belly flop off the high dive. It scared me half t death. All because of my cousin Anthony. He dared Kwynn to belly flop off it and , Splash she learned not to do that again.

Now, Anthony wanted to dare me, I wasn’t going to do a belly flop and that was that! But instead, he came up and said,” How about a jump?”. I was shocked but I wasn’t going to say that. I said a little shaky,“ Sure.” I walked over to the high dive and inched up the ladder and slowly went to the end of the board. “ Jump!” Anthony yelled. I trusted him and counted down five, four, three, two ina half, two, one. Splash! My head slowly came up. I did it! The scaredy cat kid jumped off the high-dive! Once I jumped I got addicted and kept jumping.

In the end I faced my fear and learned to trust my cousin all in the same day. Written by McKynna Kelly

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Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

I love that kid (well and all the grandkids) - that is incredibly well written and how cool is it that she faced her fears before she even reached puberty? Know I couldn't say that - not sure I've faced them all now! I am so proud of the girls - and the boys and girl. And the parents who are raising them! KUDOS all around!