Thursday, May 21, 2009

A day at camp

Kwynn's in the front row to the right of the girl with tan pants. And Kynna is in the very back with an orange hat on. Both really wanted to wear their Kelly Supply hats...John asked them several times if they were sure, we have other hats...but no. Kelly Supply it was! Kynna's response "Besides, not everyone has their name on a hat!" Too cute!

A fifth grade right of passage, here in our city, is being able to attend a day camp at Camp Kitaki. My mom and I went along as parent volunteers. My mom was a group leader and I helped man the first aid station...which I am happy to report we only had one injury the whole day! And as it so happens...that injury was to my child, Kynna, and I was with her when it happened. We were walking the trail down to the lake and she tripped over a root and landed with her knee on a rock. Bruised and banged up- but fine!

The day ended up being super fun! Here are a few pix of the activities...

The Zipline... Kynna was first to volunteer- such a brave girl! Kwynn was a little hesitant, she ended up being last but she went through with it! Which is saying alot for her! She's not one to be talked into anything. If she's set against doing something- then that's it, she's set and she's not changing her mind! I was proud of the both of them!

Archery...very cool! Both girls did great and it was good for them to try something new. They were in a group with a girl who is going to do archery in the state games... she was good! But it was also neat for the kids to watch another kid doing it...made the notion seem a little more feasible.

Fishing...we (Kynna, Kwynn and I) didn't catch anything, but alot of the kids did! Our group didn't rotate to the lake until later in the was hot and the kids were tired. But they still managed some smiles and laughter!

Canoeing... They took a few spins around the lake. It was really windy so it took some real effort. I started to seriously wonder if Kwynn's boat was going to make it back. They would paddle for awhile and drift, paddle for a while and drift. But they made it!

Here's the group the twins were in...Group 5!

I went to this same Camp when I was kid...two summers I think. That was 18 years ago...and some of it is still the same! It was strange how much I ja vuish almost.

We made a full report of the day's happenings to John and Pucca. Pucca is super excited and can't wait to go! I'm so glad its in a few years, because it was a long, hot and tiring day! I may just need that long to recover!

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Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.... (okay the worst only when I was trying to hike back up the hill from the zipline and thought I was going to have a heart attack!) It was so much fun! And so cool to see those kids get on the zipline when they had been so scared. Thanks for letting me go! mom