Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May Day in review

Love. Love. Love May day! I do! I do!

Something about cute little treats, crafty little containers and basically playing Ding Dong Ditch and it being perfectly ok!

So much fun! This year was no different!

I went to lunch with the twins...their school has a May Day grill out every year. The student band from a near by middle school comes and performs. You picnic out on blankets...its really alot of fun.

After school we started our delivery run. My mom was in town so she came along. I was completely organized with a predetermined route and everything. The first few houses went perfectly...most likely because people weren't home yet.

At one house the parents were doing yard work...which made the sneaking part kind of difficult. Kynna did a good job. She made it up to the door all sneaky like, rang the door bell and ran away as fast as she could. With the parents just staring at her the whole time. They looked completely confused and kept looking at each other then back at Kynna then back at each other. I wonder if they knew what Kynna was doing!?

Another house was located on a busy street.. and since it was getting to be rush hour on a Friday... I had to drop Kwynnie off a block away, she had to wait for the cross walk and I had to park a few blocks down. The house is gated so it took a while for her to find her way in and make it to the front door. After 5 minutes I had to send Kynna out to make sure Kwynn was ok...eventually they both came running back to the van. mission complete.

We only got lost once. Yay!

Technically no one caught us, but it was close on the last house. It was the same person from last year that nearly caught us. So this year we were prepared. Stealth mode. I flip the van around so that we can make a quick escape. Kwynnie runs up to the door, and just as she's about to ring the doorbell - this wild banshee comes running across the street yelling "I caught you Kwyyyynnnnniiee!" I mean YELLING!

It was the funniest thing.
Kwynn takes off running (I don't even think she knew where she was going) and the girl went chasing after her. Kwynn's screaming, as if her life is in jeopardy, as they run circles around the van and through front yards. Finally the girl gave up. Kwynn high tailed it back to the van...waving with a huge exhausted smile from the back seat as we drove away. (The girl was playing at a friend's across the street and saw us flip a u-ey)

After almost 2 hours of making deliveries in rush hour traffic on a Friday evening...I was spent! We went out for dinner and then hung out on the front porch watched the kids ride their bikes and enjoyed some rootbeer floats.

It was a good day!

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