Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little visitor

We had a little one visit us last week. It was mighty big fun! She's such a sweetie to watch and Pucca just adores her.

A couple of things I noticed:

  • She talks a lot for a two year old! ALOT! Super smart kid!
  • She doesn't mind getting her hair done. I combed and pulled and fashioned a snazzy little side pony tail with an elastic band- and she didn't move once or say a word. She sat there sweet as could be. Pucca just watched her in awe- she wishes she never had to comb her hair- which is why its kept short! :) Smart, huh!
  • She listens to Pucca. Pucca would tell her how to play or what to do- and she was so ready and willing to comply. Which pleased Pucca to no end! I think it must be nice being the older one on occasion.
  • She calls all the girls in the house 'AUDRA'. Which I was already suspecting, but it was funny trying to figure out which 'Audra' she wanted. By the end of the day- we all looked over at her when she called.
We ran around the front yard- falling/rolling down the grassy hill proved to be too much fun! We played dollies and had a little snack picnic on the front porch.

It was fun having a little one around. Even John was sweet to watch as he interacted with her! And if you can't tell- my mommy clock is tick tick ticking right along...and quite loudly too! I thought visits like these would make me happy to know I have three self-sufficient children- to be done with the diapers and bottles and constant care. I'm beginning to wonder though.

Because even though I AM glad to be done with that part of raising children and onto the puberty adolescent drama every second years...its left me wondering if that want for cuddly little soft skinned innocence to nurture and to love- will ever actually go away...I wonder- Does it? I hope to goodness it does or at least fades...Not sure how many more girls my husband can handle! :)


The Brink Blog said...

aaawww..this made my day! i will have to forward your blog to my mom and mother in law (if you don't mind)!! You know that you guys are always more than welcome to come and "kidnap" her whenever you feel the need to have a little one around! I always say I am partial to my thinking of her brilliance so to here it confirmed by an "outsider" hits home! Thank you SOOOO much for watching her! I was able to get a lot of things accomplished but still have so much left to do...the work is never ending for a teacher!

Jared said...

Chances are your next one would be a BOY... Did you hear that John?!?! A BOY!!!

wendysue said...

I don't think that feeling ever goes away, even though I know I'm done having little ones, I still get that little twinge when I see a baby. . .I think it'll always be there. . .dang.