Thursday, May 14, 2009

goofy girl

I have to share with you a funny little moment from our walk to school today.

Pucca and I were walking to school per our usual route. This morning was a little chilly and in an effort to keep warm- she would run ahead to the end of the block and hop around like a monkey. Now that's not the funny part...unless you consider the fact that's a fairly typical 'Pucca' behavior to be funny.

Of course I didn't run...but that would have been funny too! :) On about the fourth block I notice she's stopped and looking at something on the sidewalk. I don't think much of it as I'm walking towards her- because this child collects every leaf, rock and stick she can find.

When I finally get to her- she puts her arms out like a traffic cop and says in a deep voice "Keep moving. Keep moving. Nothing to see here. Just a bird turd. Eyes forward. Keep moving." Complete with the hand signals as she waved me passed.

I get passed her she quickly falls into stride with me and walks quietly. As if no big deal. I couldn't help but laugh and smile. She is the craziest kid! I can't believe I'm even surprised anymore with the things that spill out of that child's mouth!

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The Brink Blog said...

sounds like her and kayin could be buddies!! the other morning, she woke up and said she had a ladybug in her nose...and then proceeded to look in my nose!! :) Thanks again for watching her tonight!!